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Patrick Hendry

Focused on software development solutions for stakeholders by balancing business needs and technical realities. Director and liaison between product developers, software engineers, marketers, and management. I can junior dev in the following environments: MEAN, LAMP, GitHub, ES6, CSS, Vanilla, HTML, and main industry CMSs. My biggest strength is management of the software product being developed which includes interfacing directly with stakeholders, gather requirements, documenting, budgeting, planing, managing expectations and project scope. I've worked association, corporate, startup, and non profit along side freelancing. I'm entrepreneurial at heart, always asking "how can we make this better?" I find value in having a deep honesty within myself, contributing to projects 110% that are talked about years later. I'm an expert with Jira and the various cloud based plugins. Transparency and accountability go hand in hand on project on any scale; I work to keep this balance in check. I believe the value of an idea lies in the communication around its application and the building of a good team dynamic. My social adaptability allows me to excel naturally in leadership, showing the way forward and inspiring others with sound logic, collaborative planning, and successful project management throughout the product/development lifecycle. I'm also a contributor and ambassador for UNSPLASH.

Professional Background

Patrick Hendry Work Experience


Senior Digital Product Manager

Sundance Institute

Job Description

  • Work with associates, peers, and senior executives across various functional areas and lines of business to identify key market opportunity areas
  • Enable teams to deliver innovative products to market, testing and iterating in small-scale pilots to validate concepts and ROI
  • Establish product vision, business goals, product roadmap, A/B testing strategies and roll out plans for improving and delivering products
  • Use data combined with consumer insights to develop robust business cases to prioritize product backlog
  • Understand the internal and external drivers for innovation of new products and influence the application of new products across the organization
  • Partner across the organization to develop analytical tests, marketing programs, and technological enhancements in order to build great customer experiences accompanied with a strong ROI
  • Document and track lists of features, specs, metrics in combination with high-level strategy and relentless in-the-trenches tactics
  • Work with and across multiple departments and teams to consolidate and distill common platform needs and requirements for distribution-driven products
  • Enforce simplification with regards to digital platforms and external partner needs encouraging modular thinking over complex one-off designs
  • Create and prioritize the product, marketing, and software engineering roadmap using agile methodologies including sprint planning, sprint reviews, and retrospectives
  • Deep understanding of technologies underlying distributed publishing, native and/or mobile apps, multimedia metadata structures, and personalization
  • Bridge software engineering, business deliverables, marketing drive, and stakeholder expectations to strive towards agreed benchmarks and product deliverables
  • Senior management collaboration to support digital strategy on specifics products by understanding the goals of key stakeholders and translating them into economically successful products


Software Development Manager


Job Description

  • Project management background in software applications, systems integration, web sites, web-based applications and SaaS technology, integrated campaigns, mobile experiences, emails, etc.
  • Accountable to deliver projects in the most efficient way while communicating effectively through lightweight processes, and ensuring that quality control requirements are met to deliver a final product that is on time, on budget and meets expectations of the client.
  • Cultivate the collaboration and team-building among software engineers and other project stakeholders, often on multiple and/or large and more complex projects.
  • Facilitate and implement development Scrum/Agile process
  • Resolve developer impediments
  • Create an environment conducive to team self-organization
  • Capture empirical data to adjust forecasts
  • Multi-task and manage multiple concurrent projects (usually at different stages of the life cycle).
  • Manage projects and products involving cross-functional disciplines of Design, Engineering, Operations, Marketing and Finance
  • Deliver projects under budget, resource and time constraints established in the project plan
  • Create risk management list and contingency plans. Decide upon and execute contingency plans, when required
  • Report project status to multi-tiered audiences composed of team, peers, BU directors and executive staff
  • Drive continuous improvement to increase industry-leading best practices in product development.
  • Design specifications in collaboration with the CEO and developers
  • Manage development teams, respect schedules and budgets
  • Develop workable estimates, work and staff plans, and realistic timetables
  • Collaborate with the Account Team on preparation of recommendations, strategies and actions for the client
  • Own projects, ensuring quality, managing change, and understand tradeoffs and impacts
  • Lead cross-functional team effort in gathering/defining project requirements, and providing thought leadership into initial scope definition.


Web Developer


Job Description

  • Freelance work has intrigued the comprehension and application of the following: Angular.js, Node.js, Handlebars.js, Ghost, Joomla, Wordpress, Concrete5, Drupal, and xCode
  • Along with the technical application, I have over six years experience in client-facing roles with excellent ability to build strong, lasting relationships with clients inside an organization
  • Excellent organizational skill of juggling priorities coming from every direction which brings continued contracting success
  • Sincerely empathize with clients which results in life long relationships and word of mouth references
  • Creative and analytical problem-solver who effortlessly comes up with new solutions to vexing problems
  • I take pride in working through a project from beginning to end, committed to the client's ambitions and budget
  • Communicate and relate ideas, develop clear strategies, and create product deliverables aimed to exceed client expectations
  • Active consultant offering on-going support to ensure client's have a comfortable working-knowledge of the website cultivating a successful partnership
  • Optimized Wordpress websites using third party plugins; i.e. Heat maps, AB testing, polls and questionnaires, and email marketing campaigns
  • Technical assessments and rewrites of theme JavaScript to ensure a fully customized website, specific to the client’s market demands
  • Highly skilled and experienced with systems analysis, web site design, and application integration
  • Ability to increase reliability, maximize productivity, and introduce system efficiencies with automation
  • Demonstrate success in problem solving and a proven track record with strong attention to detail
  • Outstanding verbal/written communication skills and ability to coordinate multiple detailed projects from initiation to completion in a deadline-driven environment
  • “Problems are opportunities not obstacles.”


QA Software Engineer II

Dominion Enterprises

Job Description

  • Release management for a team of eight including SE, QA, DB, and UI
  • Regression-test writer for
  • Analyze and address merge conflicts for existing codebase
  • Ensure stakeholder requirements through the verification and testing of standards and delivery of working product(s)
  • Cultivate cross-collaboration between product developers, managers, marketing, SEO/SEM, and development teams
  • Review requirements and work with Product Management to eliminate ambiguities and potential conflicts early in the process
  • Selenium automation testing
  • Communicate test results, status and associated risks, with possible mitigation activities to the team and leadership
  • Analyze functional requirements and define the test approach for features and feature areas by identifying needs for test data, environments, and tools
  • Devise exploratory testing focused on customer workflows and user experience.
  • Create and execute test cases and test plans to evaluate functionality and usability for assigned products and features
  • Identify, report, and track software defects, as well as verify the fixes
  • Manage principal team practices to assure ForRent’s site accessibility and uptime
  • Address, troubleshoot, and solve problematic code and other miscellaneous production/beta environment errors
  • Utilize GitHub and Jira to manage team projects
  • Proactive review of product requirements and specifications to prevent potential issues, provide input of functional application and advise on design and business logic
  • Agile/Scrum implementation committee
  • Hackathon and HackU volunteer and team participant MORE INFORMATION


UX Architect/Product Developer

Dominion Enterprises

Job Description

  • Successfully advanced ForRent’s testing program by increasing conversions resulting in a YOY revenue increase of over $978K in nine months
  • Analyzed complex business problems, asked appropriate questions, then developed sensible solutions built out with Optimizely
  • Distilled conceptual ideas into viable, sustainable, and testable business solutions
  • Managed collaborations among Marketing, SEO/SEM, product, and business leaders to develop adaptable testing strategies both long and short term
  • Translated testing analytics into future deliverables for senior management
  • Defined our “success” and “failures” | what does success and failure look like?
  • Ad Hoc Analysis, SiteCat, Google Analytics, Optimizely analytics, and use cases
  • Introduced Optimizely and jQuery to IT students at a collegiate level to impress the concept/advantages of AB testing at Old Dominion University
  • Trained senior managers and developers at on Optimizely and how to successfully create, launch, and analyze campaigns
  • Conceptualized and designed engaging multi-channel experiences based on user data, business goals, and current industry trends
  • Fine-tuned the implementation of Optimizely’s JS library in conjunction with other asynchronous and synchronous libraries living in DTM
  • Pragmatic Marketing Certified


Web Developer

National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts

Job Description

Developed five websites using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, with three different CMS platforms. I formulated objectives, planned project life-cycles, and successfully executed web standards and requirements. The first large project for the NACVA was the QuickRead editorial website. This website provided an online submission system for editorial board members which streamlined article submissions and QA standards for quality directors and senior editors. The second project was the auunal development of four Annual Consultants' Conference websites. These websites integrated live chat, forums, registration, and secure access to conference material.

I continued as a web consultant March of 2012 utilizing heat map statistics and analytical benchmarks while bicycle touring across the country.

Bicycle Touring Website


Operations Manager

Archetype Development

Job Description

I supervised day to day operations of our largest business, My Baby Rocks. Maintained inventory, capital purchases, and SEO responsibilities. Oversaw quality standards for orders, production of shirts, screen-printing, vinyl designs, and vinyl press. Set effeciency standards for overseas purchases, shipping, and warehouse work flow. Optimized over 50 company websites, three of which launched into profitable businesses out ranking Baby Gap in Google.


Patrick Hendry Education


University of Utah


School Profile Description

Studying Economics at the University of Utah broadened my outlook, sharpened my intellect, and inculcated the habit of balanced thinking. I learned to understand and appreciate the nature and significance of business structure. I refined my critical thinking by finding new ways to organize factors of production. Managing risk, utility, and change is my definition of economics in the product development industry. Competition has never been greater and innovation is the leading factor I strive towards. One important value learned is opportunity cost. Doing one thing requires giving up another, which alters expected benefits of the alternatives and affect the ones I choose. Choices are a constant when working on high profile websites and clients. Satisfying expectations while managing a high demands with a level of reality is a delicate walk on which I thrive.

Patrick Hendry References

  • Paul Sanders

    Product Manager
    For Rent Media Solutions

    Working with Patrick has been a great privilege for the last couple years. He stepped into a mostly unformed Testing and Optimization role at ForRent and nurtured it into a high-profile and business critical role. His ability to target deficiencies in the user experience of the site and understanding of optimization tools, metrics, and strategies allowed him to improve flow, aesthetics, conversion rate and ultimately business value with creative new designs. His creativity and ability to lead those around him set him up to spearhead a cultural adoption of optimization that spread even to the tops of management.

  • Dana Marino

    Product Developer
    For Rent Media Solutions

    Working with Patrick directly in both of his roles as a Software QA Engineer and Product Developer at ForRent, I was able to not only experience his determination, skill, and passion for his work, but also learn from it. Patrick went far beyond his responsibilities as a Product Developer and truly built our company's AB/multivariate testing program from the ground up. His creativity and technical skills in both web design and analytics analysis made a significant impact on the quality of our web products, user experience, and generation of revenue for the business. In Patrick's role of Software QA, he extended well past the given product requirements and truly looked at the quality of the product or feature. Where many are happy to accept mediocrity or the minimal viable requirements, Patrick always strives to go one step further and make a product excellent, providing creative, logical suggestions to improve overall value and experience.

  • Dan Hankin

    Product Development
    For Rent Media Solutions

    I don't believe I've ever met anyone more excited about learning new skills. Patrick Hendry is constantly looking for newer, better, more innovative ways to approach his job. He also responds quickly and appropriately to coaching inputs. In a very short period of time Patrick Hendry has learned a new testing platform and has maintained an output exceeding our expectations. Patrick Hendry is extremely positive and highly enthusiastic. He's been known to high five his cube neighbors after figuring out a complex problem, and his enthusiasm is a noticeable positive energy on the floor. Patrick Hendry possesses a great combination of creative and analytical insights. He's done a fantastic job of coming up with unique ways to present and test our site content, resulting in positive results for our business. He works well with creative, development, and business focused co-workers. Patrick Hendry is very focused on his responsibilities, extremely positive and enthusiastic, and has proven to be a motivating force with his teammates.

  • Brien Jones

    Vice President

    Patrick Hendry in one word—Exceptional! He quickly adapts to the tasks at hand, and doesn't just get things done, he gets things done exceptionally. His knowledge of media and technology has allowed us to move forward quickly in delivering content online and on smart devices. His attention to detail and dedication to customer service is sincere and thorough. I am extremely proud of Patrick Hendry and his contributions to this organization.

  • Pam Bailey

    Executive Director

    Patrick is a recent addition to our Team, but I must say that I am extremely impressed with his use of technology and the extraordinary job he did for the attendees at our 2011 Annual Consultants' Conference. He was professional in every way and made all of us very proud. I look forward to seeing the next amazing ideas Patrick Hendry has in store for our future. Brien...He's a keeper!

  • Melissa Cardwell

    Project Management

    I have had the pleasure of working with Patrick Hendry on several web development/blog/website projects for NACVA. He is always responsive and has a wonderful attitude. Patrick Hendry is a fantastic person to work with and has a great knowledge of what will help the company move forward and is always the first to throw out new ideas and suggestions. He is creative, hardworking, and passionate. I would not hesitate working with Patrick Hendry on any project, he is very motivated and a fantastic person to work with!

  • Lindsey Nielson

    Operations Director
    Exuro Medical

    Patrick Hendry is incredibly talented! His work is not only crisp and clean, but his web and IT knowledge is beyond compare. Patrick Hendry is creative and always on the cutting edge of technology and design. He is fast, efficient, and I adore his personality. He is easy to work with, and has a great attitude. Anyone who receives services from Patrick Hendry should consider themselves lucky and in good hands.

  • Wendy Cayias

    Shipping Administrator

    Patrick Hendry is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people I have ever met. He is the web, IT, Computer, & Programming "Yoda". He was always willing to help if I didn't understand something tech related. Our company implemented new streamlined procedures and excelled in promoting many events - mostly due to Patrick's innovative web ideas. He is the perfect meld of a unique thinker and accomplished professional. I am very lucky to call him a friend.

  • Kelly O'Keefe

    Continuing Education Specialist

    In the web development industry Patrick Hendry will take you and your project to places you never thought possible. He brought change and innovation to NACVA. Patrick's desire to stay cutting edge regarding the new development tools and tricks is intense. His passion regarding his skill set is only surpassed by his passion for life. Patrick Hendry is focused and hard working, and he will take you and your project to new levels.

Web Development Skills

Patrick Hendry Skills & Knowledge

Language • CMS • Programs

HTML5 100%
CSS3 93%
Angular • Node • JQuery • JavaScript 84%
Adobe Analytics ● Adobe DTM ● Adobe Suite 85%
Wordpress ● Joomla ● Drupal ● Magento98%
Multivariate Testing ● Optimizely ● Test and Target 95%
SQL ● MongoDB ● C# 58%

Other Areas of Focus


Regular contributor to Unsplash


QA Engineer version control.

Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Love to create and edit videos.

Contracted Website Projects

8 complete web projects.

Node.js & Angular

Time building out Molten shopping cart with Angular and Node.js

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